Don’t Go Into Fall With Summer Damage!

September 15, 2021

The leaves are changing and the first day of Fall is fast approaching! While this is a time to celebrate with pumpkins and warm drinks, it’s just the beginning of a hard season for your roof. If you don’t fix that summer damage now, it could cost you later!

Your home might have some damage from the hail season this summer or storms, but if you go into summer with this damage, it can be detrimental later on! Rain, cold weather, and snow are all elements that negatively impact your roof. A roof’s job is to protect your home and keep you dry, and you want it to keep doing that, right? Well, it needs a little help from you!

What is the best way to take care of your home before the season changes? Get a roof inspection! Here are some common signs of summer roof damage to watch out for and if you see then, get an inspection ASAP!

Cracked or Warped Shingles

The heat from the sun can do just as much damage as rain can! As heat rises in your home during the summer months, your attic heats up too. So while it’s hot outside, it’s also hot inside. Your roof is sandwiched between two hot surfaces. Older roofs are more prone to heat damage compared to new ones.

While a majority of roofing shingles can withstand most elements and climate, they have their limits. When there is intense heat for several days at a time (and we know how hot it gets here!), shingles can begin to curl or dry out. This makes them brittle and prone to cracking when the next storm visits. This can let water into your home and cause serious damage!

Violent Summer Storms

Whether you know it or not, storms will always impact your roof. Summer storms here mean hail rain and wind. These elements can cause water damage and leaks. You’ll want to check the interior of your ceilings as well as the outside of the roof for any seeping water following a storm. Pooling rainwater can put a dangerous amount of weight on your roof. It can also cause clogged drainage systems, which will cause significant damage.

The high winds can bring all sorts of debris onto your roof. So be on the lookout for any tree parts and other miscellaneous debris. Strong winds will also rip off shingles if it’s strong enough. If your roof is missing a few pieces, it’s time to call us!

Discolored Shingles

Did you know the color of your roof helps to stop heat damage? The reflective capabilities will depend on the coloring and coating of your shingles, but it exists to help keep the inside of your home cool. If you have an older roof, it’s more likely your roof will vary in color. It’s been protecting your house from the sun for years and the effects might be setting in.

Moss Growth

Humidity is great for growing due to the moisture but not when it comes to your roof!. Moss is more common during the summer, and It is not always visible from the ground.

Moss will trap moisture under your roof. It could be hiding in plain sight too, right under the shingle. If it’s under the shingle, it will damage the wood structure and cause damage. It’s best to get your roof squeaky clean and moss free quick!

Your Attic

Remember that hot sandwich he mentioned earlier? The hot air inside the attic rises and meets the hot air going down from the roof and then re-rises due to that previous hot air. The air inside your attic is already hot due to the summer air and your roof is hot due to the summer sun.

In addition, if your attic isn’t properly ventilated it can trap hot humid air and lead to mold growth and other problems. The moisture can also weaken and damage the wooden structure supporting your roof. If any of these happen, you’ll need a new roof!

Seeing Any Of These Warning Signs?

If you’ve had intense heat and storms or see any of these warning signs, it’s time to call us! We’ll evaluate your roof and attic to ensure your home is safe and ready for fall! Contact us or schedule an inspection now!

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