How to Tell if Your Roof Has Wind Damage

April 22, 2024
A close-up of damaged roof shingles

Wind can be a powerful natural force, capable of damaging your roof and potentially compromising your home’s safety. Knowing how to spot signs of wind damage is key to maintaining the integrity and functionality of your roof. To help you, here’s a guide on how to tell if your roof has wind damage:

Visible Signs of Wind Damage

  1. Missing Shingles – This is one of the most obvious signs of wind damage. High winds can lift shingles from the roof, leaving visible bare patches. These gaps expose your roof to water infiltration and further damage.
  2. Curling Shingles – Shingles may begin to curl or peel away from the roof due to strong winds. This could weaken the overall structure of the roof and increase the likelihood of leaks.
  3. Torn or Flapping Shingles – If you notice shingles that appear torn or are flapping in the wind, this is a clear sign of wind damage. The shingles are no longer securely attached to the roof, which can lead to further damage during subsequent storms.
  4. Granular Loss – Similar to hail damage, wind can cause the loss of granules from the surface of the shingles. This wear and tear can decrease the shingles’ effectiveness in protecting your roof from the elements.
  5. Damage to Roof Accessories – Check for damage to other elements of the roof, such as the flashing, ridge vents, or chimney covers. These areas can be particularly vulnerable to high winds.

How to Inspect for Wind Damage          

  • Safety First – Always prioritize safety when inspecting your roof. If possible, use binoculars to check for damage from the ground, or consider hiring a professional to conduct a thorough inspection.
  • Look for Interior Signs – Sometimes signs of roof damage begin to appear inside the home. Check for leaks, water stains on ceilings, or peeling paint near the top of walls. These can all indicate roof damage that may not be visible from the outside.
  • Check the Surrounding Area -Look around your property for signs of wind damage. Falling branches, debris, and damaged fences can indicate that the wind was strong enough to potentially damage your roof.

When to Consider Roof Repair or Replacement

Evaluating the extent of wind damage is essential to determine whether repair or replacement is necessary. Minor damage might be addressed with simple repairs, while extensive missing or damaged shingles may require a more significant intervention.

Documentation and Professional Advice

Documenting the damage thoroughly by taking photos can be helpful, especially for insurance claims. Consulting with a roofing professional can provide an expert perspective on the best course of action, whether it’s to repair or replace.


Understanding the signs of wind damage and taking prompt action can save you from more severe problems down the road. Regular inspections and maintenance after heavy storms can help extend the life of your roof and ensure it continues to protect your home.

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