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Here are some benefits that a realtor should expect:

  • We can give a second option
  • Roofing partners can make any roofing repairs needed quickly
  • We provide free estimates
  • Improve the selling process time
  • Effective and timely communication with pictures
  • Quick turnarounds on inspections as we know time is of the essence

Having a trusted, professional, and certified roofing contractor will make a real estate agent job easier. Fewer worries and more time to focus on other aspects of your job. This will make the process more efficient for both the real estate agent and the client as well.

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During the process of selling a home, any roofing repairs that are needed can exponentially slow the entire process of the sale. The roofing pre-inspection will reveal all the problems that a roof needs. Therefore, having a trusted and professional roofing contractor as a partner can help avoid more delays in the selling process. Establishing a partnership with a top-notch roofing contractor such as Renown Construction will help any realtor to offer cost-conscious and time-efficient options for needed repairs that will slow down the closing of the home.

Property buyers, realtors, or sellers in Dallas, Texas and nearby areas should contact Renown Construction today. We provide inspections and trustworthy roofing reports.  You can trust us since we have certified, licensed, and trained roofing employees that install all materials according to industry-standard specifications. We are one of the finest roofing companies servicing Dallas, Texas and nearby areas.

Here is a quick checklist of our inspection process:

  • Overall roof integrity, functionality, and appearance.
  • No missing or damaged shingles or tiles (including weather damage such as hail).
  • No fascia or soffit damage.
  • Proper installation of all roof penetrations.
  • Proper installation of step flashings on sidewalls.
  • Proper installation of headwall flashings.
  • Proper installation of chimney flashings.
  • Proper installation of skylights or solar tubes.
  • Proper installation of water diverters.
  • Proper installation of snow guards or brackets.
  • Proper installation of gutters and downspouts; no gutter drainage issues.
  • Proper installation of drip edge metal on eaves.
  • Valleys are straight and installed properly.
  • Decking is not soft.
  • The ridge cap is secure and not cracked; ridge vents are properly installed.
  • Shingles are granulated and fiberglass backing is intact.
  • Underlayment is present and properly installed.
  • Pipe jacks are intact and not deteriorated.
  • Nails are sealed.
  • Turtle vents are functioning appropriately and installed correctly.
  • B-vents, turbine vents, and other exhaust vents are functioning and installed properly.
  • Laundry vents are functioning and installed properly.
  • All roofing components are up to code.