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Sheet Metal Roofing

Sheet metal roofing is most commonly utilized for commercial properties, along with certain residential properties.

This type of roof systems provide you with the advantages of:

Long Life Cycle: The roof is durable and can perform for 15 – 40+ years. Which makes this roof system certainly one of the longer lasting available options to you.

Light-weight: This material is quite lightweight therefore it would not put an excessive amount of weight on the property structure . Various other roof types are considerably heavier than this type as well as they might require additional support to be incorporated in the structure in order to handle the weight of the roof.

Versatile & Eye-catching Style: Most of these roof systems are available in a large array of color choices, shapes and styles . This material is like a chameleon; it could be designed to appear like just about anything. A number of people are amazed to discover just how elegant this type of roof system actually make their property or home appear.

Cost: One good reason sheet metal roofing systems are highly popular additionally is due to the fact that of their reasonable costs . With all of the positive aspects derived from this outstanding advancement, one would presume they might be very expensive, but nonetheless the materials cost to you are reasonably valued as a result, Renown Roofing and Construction can easily pass the significant savings along to you, our valued customer.

As you can clearly see, you will find excellent benefits you can enjoy with this particular type of roof system. Still there’s substantially more advantages you certainly will gain by selecting the best sheet metal roofing contractor for your current project.

Sheet Metal Roofing

Here’s a handful of reasons you will want to choose Renown Roofing and Construction:

Top quality Craftsmanship – Our certified and well-trained team of professional roofers live by our motto “excellence is characteristic of our services.” We infuse this ideal into our work every single day as well as on each and every project.

Caring Customer Care – We not merely strive to do a good roof job yet we go the extra mile to make certain our customer’s feel cared for, informed as well as in control of a project they will certainly have to live with. That’s the key reason why we assign one of our leading , experienced and certified Project Managers to each and every client, who visits your job site each and every day of the project.

Maximum Labor & Materials Warranty – While the majority of the competitors offers a short 1-2 Year Warranty on Labor and Materials, Renown Roofing and Construction is certified through main sheet metal roofing manufacturers, along with Certifications from GAF, Genflex, Tropical and Firestone who offer a 10 – 30 Year Labor & Materials Warranty for Commercial projects.

In addition, our company provides its own 5 Year Labor warranty, because we stand by our work! What’s even more, we offer a five year Maintenance Program to commercial customers to ensure your warranty remains in effect!

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Sheet Metal Roofing

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