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There’s a variety of roofing consultation companies to select from in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex, so that you will be needing an effective set of guidelines to apply to the circumstance to allow you make the correct choice.

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At Renown Roofing and Construction among the first things we help roofing consultant clients determine is Roof Materials. There are many different types of residential roofing material you could consider so listed here are some criteria to aid you make the best decision to meet your needs and budget:

Material/Style of roofing materials
Life Cycle of a roof
Physical appearance and curb appeal
Listed below are some options to take under consideration.

$ – Lowest Price
$$ – Moderately Priced
$$$ – Highest Price

Asphalt Shingles : This is often the most popular roofing material used in the US. Fiberglass or organic and natural material is used to strengthen these types of shingles.
Life Cycle: 15 – 20 yrs
Cost: $

Wood Shake Shingles: Only in certain segments in the US. material for this type of shingle, are usually made from cedar wood.
Life Cycle: 10 – 40 years
Cost: $$

Tile Roofing: This roofing material is more heavy even more durable compared to the previously mentioned alternatives, because it is constructed from clay or concrete. On the account of the heavier weight, your house’s structure may need to be strengthened in the event you had a previously lighter in weight roofing system.
Life Cycle: 20+ years
Cost: $$

Slate Roofing: This raw material is virtually the most indestructible and long-lasting roofing material of all the others.

Life Cycle: 30 – 100 years
Cost: $$$

Metal Roofing: This long lasting and light-weight material and Standing Seam Styles is most popularly used in commercial construction. Also metal roofs has been used quite successfully in residential roofing applications as steel shingles aka stone coated steel coated roofing tiles, shakes, and panels. Metal Roofing is both fire and weather resistant.
Life Cycle : 15 – 40+years
Cost : $$

To look at Flat Roofing types, click here.

Depending on your individual needs, the style and physical appearance of most these roofing material choices can be altered.

Roofing Consultation Standards

Standard #1 :

Will the company possess a solid culture of customer care and high quality craftsmanship ?
In an industry in which there are numerous fly-by-night contractors around due to the fact that roofing is fairly easy to get into, there are certainly second-rate companies in the market.

At Renown Roofing and Construction, you will find that excellence characterizes our roof consultation service. We provide the best in fine roofing craftsmanship and customer care.

Standard #2 :

Does the roofing consultation company under consideration utilize certified roofers? As we mentioned previously, since the home improvement industry is fairly an easy task to get into, it lends itself to companies not making all the investments into well-trained and certified staff they should.

Here at Renown Roofing and Construction, all of our roof consultants are certified by the manufacturer of the materials we use, CertainTeed & GAF. Given that our team is knowledgeable and continuously learn about the most innovative techniques for best practices in roofing and construction, we know the zoning laws as well as building codes relevant in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

Furthermore, our insurance specialists are licensed and well-experienced in helping you get every last penny you deserve from your insurance coverage, without increased premiums from generating a claim.

Standard #3 :

Does the roofing consultant you are considering offer a 50 Year Residential Warranty and a 20 Year Commercial Warranty? That’s kind of a trick question mainly because we know that the majority of roofing consultant companies usually do not offer such great warranties.

But that’s what sets Renown Roofing and Construction apart from the rest . We offer a 50 Year Residential Warranty and a 20 Year No Dollar Limit Commercial Warranty on both labor and materials. What’s more, we give each customer an extra 5 Year Labor Warranty through our company, if you have any problems.

We provide peace of mind to our customers and back our promises of great work up with 100% Guarantees ! Commercial Consultation Clients also get our Maintenance Program for five years to ensure your warranty stays in effect.

Standard #4 :

Does the roofing consultant company you are considering offer a FREE Gift? Most likely they do NOT.

Here again is precisely what sets Renown Roofing and Construction apart from the competitors. We offer our No-Strings-Attached Roof Inspection Renown specializes in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Roofing in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex



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