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Plano roof repair and roofing replacement contractors are NOT created equally! In the event that don’t know exactly what you’re in need of, it is possible to wind up kicking yourself afterwards. You Can Rely on RENOWN !

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You will discover many key elements to an excellent experience with your Plano roofing contractor.

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#1 Roofing Experience:

Will your best pick provide a simple and easy and stress-free experience? You possibly can end up getting a mud pit for a lawn if you select the incorrect Plano Roofing Company. The truth is, a number of roofers are exclusively focused on the task of putting on a roof… and nothing else. Customer service might dwindle; working around your home routines is out the window not to mention shed a tear for your lawn!

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Here at Renown Roofing and Construction, you will discover that quality is characteristic of our service both with the Plano roofing installation and also with you, the customer. We specialize not simply in roofing but in building happy clients by providing our services equally more convenient and without stress. In addition, we explicitly try to make a point of leaving your lawn appearing as if we were never even there! Renown is the best choice Check out some top recommendations and ratings from our clients

Key to a Great Roofing Experience:

Will your best Plano roofing contractor ensure uncomplicated as well as hands-free experience? Maybe you have heard about horror stories in which the customer purchased and thought they were having one thing done and the construction work crew actually did something else instead, and despite the fact that an entire crew was focusing on the project , not one person had a solution for what might have gone wrong when questioned. As a result the customer felt similar to the de facto Construction manager because the actual PM was MIA!

Not so with Renown Roofing and Construction. We assign one of our experienced and qualified Project Manager for all Plano Roofing projects to guide you, make sure you keep informed, answer any and all of your questions as well as concerns and drive your project through to successful completion. Your Plano Roofing Project Manager will be in touch each day of the project and you also have a trouble-free and hands-free experience. With Renown almost all you need to do is say the word “Go” and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s that easy.

Key to a Great Roofing Experience:

Does your best Plano roofing contractor provide you with a generous Warranty on their work and materials? You have got to be mindful with this one, because this is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Many companies merely offer a 5 Year Warranty on Labor and Materials. So then, what will happen 6 years down the road when your roof develops a leak? That regret will begin kicking in BIG-TIME!

But the Great News available for you is the fact that you discovered Renown Roofing and Construction. You see, your Plano roofing project can be 100% GUARANTEED for 50 Years on Labor and Materials for Residential roofs and 10-30 years on Commercial roofs – when compared with a mere 2-3 years warranty with a lot of other companies!

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In addition a Full 5 Year Service Guarantee provided by Renown Roofing and Construction for Residential & Commercial customers and a 5 year Maintenance Program for commercial customers to ensure your warranty remains in effect.

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