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Do you have Roof and Property Damage from the recent storm?

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if you need an estimate on roof repair or free inspection for roof replacement.

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GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractors (972)-QUALITY Roofers servicing Highland Village, TX. & surrounding cities – Flower Mound, Lewisville, Corinth, The Colony, Frisco, Little Elm, Coppell, and many more cities in the DFW area of North Texas

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With our very highly skilled and also Award Winning local roofing crew, Renown Roofing and Construction will assist to make your emergency or planned roofing and or home construction project for residential, light commercial, commercial, multi family and industrial TPO projects.

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Simple & Hands-FREE – One of our experienced Project Roofing Experts will guide you all the way through the process from beginning to finish. One of our Licensed insurance adjusters will efficiently navigate through and maximize your insurance claim for the project, alleviating you of the complicated, stressful and unfamiliar burden of dealing with it.

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Highland Village RoofersWe’ll make certain you receive FULL settlements for losses with very little effort on your part !

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Your Local Highland Village roofing construction manager will be in touch each and every day of construction to ensure that tasks are accomplished, as well as to answer any questions or concerns you have. All you need to do is kick back and experience your property makeover. Now that’s what I call “Easy & Hands-Free !”

Effortless & Stress-FREE – Let’s be honest, the majority of us would prefer to not have to endure re-roofing or construction tasks that interrupt our daily lives. That’s exactly why our roofing & construction team is knowledgeable, not merely in their workmanship, but also in customer satisfaction. We strive to ensure your living experience is optimum along with the work we perform is minimally intrusive so that you can keep living your life while your Highland Village property project is underway.

In addition, we’ll leave your property appearing exactly like we were never even there. By doing this we help to make your roofing project experience hassle-free and without stress!

Refreshing & Fulfilling – We handle each and every valued customer exactly like family and each and every project like it’s our own. You’ll be refreshed while you experience our peerless workmanship put to work with high quality construction materials in your own residence, commercial and or industrial property.

We also install Metal Roofing Systems from Decra along with many other manufacturers. Metal/Standing Seam, R-Panel, Copper Roofs, Steel Shingle and Impact Resistant Roofing Materials.
We also Do Construction also Fences, Gutters, Siding, etc. Find out more HERE

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